Sunday, March 4, 2012

February Blessings

A warm winter: we have been outside so much and even took a trip to the nearby Eagle Watch.
There we ran into friends who let the boys use their binoculars to get a better glimpse of the eagles.
A bald eagle perched up in the top of the trees on the left side.
(It's like playing "eye spy")
A Gift Found at 11:30am
After the initial panic that he had knocked himself out on something, I was delighted to see him curling up with his kittens and puppies in the sun.
(Yes, it is February!)

My own Cheddar Cheese made by my own two hands!

Gifts found outside:
Heavy frost that looked like snow.
11 deer jumping a fence to cross the road.
White tails flashing in the morning sun.

A Gift Red:
Precious Jewel all dolled up for her Daddy/Daughter Dance.

A Gift Found Behind A Door:
The first (and so far only) winter snow!!
No school!!!

A Gift in Finding Something:
A trashed entry-way. Yes, this was a gift if I chose to see it that way.
I had helped the 4 boys make a tent in the living room and they proceeded to launch off the couch and through the roof. Hmmmmm.......
I have chairs, I have sheets, I have boy. It all equals adventure and fun (most days).

A Ugly-Beautiful Gift (see beauty in ugly):
A slimy gooey baby goat freshly born.
They get cute within about 15 minutes.

A Gift that was a surprise:
A day so warm I could wear my sandals outside!
(Again it is still February!)

A Gift that was Plan "B":
A trip to Branson, MO for our 10th Anniversary.
It's not where we had talked of going, but it was a wonderful day.
What were your blessings this past month?

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