Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Day of Firsts!

We'll start with the best last. Good Lookin' lost his first tooth!!
He's been asking for months now when it would be his turn to loose a tooth.
Today, he noticed it was slightly wiggly. Aaaaaalllllllll day long he worked and wiggled and snaggled with his tongue to get that tooth out.
And at dinner tonight, he started crying. Sobbing really because the thing started bleeding in his chicken and rice.
I have a fairly strong stomach mind you, but the sight of that nasty little tooth bleeding in his food and him sobbing nearly made me hurl in my plate.
He refused to go to bed until that thing was out and I knew from previous children that it was a hopeless cause to make him go to bed until it happened.
Out came the toothbrush. and after just 2 minutes of brushing, it popped out onto the floor and we all did the "Happy Shriek and Cheer the Tooth Dance."

It's been a Big Day because he and Naters also started back to Pre-K today.

Good Lookin' went last year and blossomed. Nater Mater was old enough this year and fully potty trained, so we signed him up too! There are several sibling groups this year which is a lot of fun.
They had their backpacks on before breakfast with their letter of the day item tucked safely inside.
They were both so cute. Timmy was the big brother so proud to show his little brother around. Nater Mater was excited to finally get to "go to pwe-skool wif Timmy."Both boys remembered the Bean Table from last year and I thought Good Lookin' was going to dive head-first into the pile of beans.

Now if the Tooth Fairy can just remember to complete your happy day. ; S

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