Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Special Summer Times

This post is waaaaay overdue, but I am finally getting around to writing.
This past summer Precious Jewel got to spend a week with her aunt and uncle up north. She also got to see her cousin that entire week whom she had not seen in 3 years. It was a wonderful time for them both. You see, Precious Jewel begs me on an almost daily basis to give her a baby sister. She is tired of being the only girl in the family (aside from me). She is also very social and it nearly "killed" her this summer to be stuck at home for 6 weeks after her tonsillectomy because her younger brother had also contracted mono post surgery. Being at her aunt and uncle's house was definitely the high-light of her summer. Doing all things girly for a week was a breath of fresh air for her.

My sister had outlined something to do with the girls nearly every day. The first day was spent at a Children's Discovery Museum which had all kinds of stuff Precious Jewel loved. She talked on and on about all the stuff she did and saw when we spoke to her on the phone that night.

Her cousin is a full 3 years older, but was so patient with Precious Jewel. They have never really gotten to spend time together since we have always lived so far apart. I was excited for them because I have such wonderful memories of time spent with cousins and weeks spent at aunt's and uncle's or grandparent's houses. We are all STILL close even now that we have our own families. I've wanted that relationship for my own children, yet my family all lives either states or countries apart. My sister and her husband provided that chance for our dear daughter and my niece.

They went swimming every day, went to the library, the zoo, the fabric store to pick out fabric for new doll dresses (My sister sews; I don't), the Children's Museum and then just spent time together at the house. It was a time my sister and her husband could provide what I can't at this stage in my life with 3 other little ones (and all boys), but time that Precious Jewel needs.

I am so thankful for family and even though we still live miles apart we are at least all on one continent for this year. I am thankful for a sister that in spite of all she has been through with the loss of her baby, still wants to reach out and spend time with my kids and be an aunt to them. This is a special summer none of them will never forget.

With Uncle Eric at the Zoo.

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