Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Sweetest Daughter

I have the sweetest daughter. Of course, I only have one, but we understand each other. She is so like me that it is rather scary. I see little me running all over the house.

She loves nature. She loves to write. She loves to draw and paint. She loves to talk. She is very in-tune to what is going on around her and very perspective to peoples feelings both positive and negative. She loves to sing and she loves being a big sister....most days.

I often look at her or have these conversations with her and have dejavu experiences of my own child-hood.

Tonight my sweet daughter had asked several times if I'd read her another chapter from her newest American Girl book that she'd checked out from the library. She'd already devoured 2 of the books in the last 5 days on her own with me reading a chapter here and there to her, and I knew she was wanting some cuddle and alone time with mommy.

The problem is that poor little Naters has contracted a nasty virus within the last 24 hours and has already used up nearly half of a mega-sized box of diapers. He saw the Dr. today when he was getting allergy shots and the Dr. told us to just keep him hydrated. No small feat when anything that goes in the mouth comes out the other end within about 5 minutes.

Dear hubby is working tonight and so it's just me and the 4 kids for the bedtime routine. That happens a lot actually. Normally it isn't a problem--unless someone is sick and then things get tricky--like tonight. By the time story-time had rolled around the little guy was refusing to walk or sit down due to his little raw bum. He just layed on the floor on his tummy and cried or stood at my feet crying to be picked up. I can only hold him in a cradle position standing up though and that doesn't allow for a good reading posture or for siblings to see their book.

I asked the older 4 kids to please wait for anymore reading until after I'd put the little guy to bed. (I was crossing my fingers that I'd even get him to bed).

My dear little 7 year old stood up; took the book from my hands and said so sweetly, "I'll read to them tonight mommy."

I waited for her brothers to protest but after hearing nothing I kissed her on the head, thanked her and walked with the littlest one back to his room.

I can remember when she was a one-year-old and Mr. Smiles was a newborn and holding both of them screaming in my arms wondering if life as a mom was always this hard. I've gotten several glimpses this past year of "less strenuous" parenting and am so very thankful.
And tonight after I had tucked all her brothers into bed, she and I got to read and cuddle together. Life is good.


Suzanne said...

How wonderful she is. Parenting is no small tasks is it. I try to enjoy this age as I know it passes fast, but I find myself longing at times for just some rest from the messes:)

Soaring High said...

I know what you mean Suzanne. I know what you mean. = D