Sunday, July 18, 2010

All is well

Thought I'd give everyone an update on us all. We are all well! Nater's whatever-he-had cleared up about 5 days ago and no one else has shown any sign of it. I am seriously suspecting the immunizations now because the rota virus to sooooooo contagious and no one that he was around has shown any sign of anything.

We all breath a sigh of relief, and sleep at night has begun to resume it's normal routine (only one person up at night at a time and then only to pee). Well, Mr. Smiles fell off the top bunk last night and I was debating the emergency room at midnight, but it turns out that his arm was not broken, just badly bruised. He's quite proud of the black and blue scrapes from shoulder to wrist. Life with small children who are almost all boys is never dull.

This past weekend, Precious Jewel got her ears pierced for the second time. She got them pierced on her 5th birthday, but got an infection when we changed earrings at 6 weeks, so we let them close up and heal. She said she'd never do it again, but started asking this past month. We told her that this time SHE had to pay for it. She did and is quite proud of herself.

Our own wild man Good Lookin' has successfully tamed a family of very wild kittens. The mother kept hiding them, but the stubbornly determined little fellow kept finding them. They now live on our front porch and run for the bushes every time Nater Mater makes his way out the front door. (It's a good thing. He's very allergic to cats).
Nater Mater has added a couple of new words to his SLOWLY growing vocabulary. It's been odd having a child that has been so late in talking compared to his older three chatterbox siblings. He now says "tuck" (stuck) every time he gets his trike stuck under the kitchen table, behind the bathroom door, between the couch and the get the idea.
All and all, we may get a "normal" end to our summer. I personally have re-defined normal for our family. But then, what is normal?!"
That's our update for now!
As Mr. Smiles sometimes says, "Tootles!"

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