Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Captain Toad

Ahhhh, living in a house with mostly boys (sorry my dear daughter, it's your life) affords many different opportunities for adventure. I had always wanted 5-6 kids and kinda' imagined having my own baseball team. Then I had 4 children in 5 years and decided that was about all my mental facilities could handle for the time.

Boys are just stinkin' fun. They are messy, straight-forward, imaginative, loud, (girls are imaginative too), self-destructive and adorably cute (except when they aren't). = )

One day about a month ago, my little emerging nature boy discovered a toad (well, it could be a frog, but I don't honestly know the difference). It was the last week of school for the elder two kids and it was delightfully warm outside. I'd already filled the baby pool in anticipation for the hours of fun to come. He immediately took his new-found-friend and plopped him in his baby pool...much to the delight of his younger brother. Nater Mater had been dropping small discarded scraps of lumber into the pool and Good Lookin then and there had a ship and a captain to go with it.

The warty-looking little captain fought storms, pirates, and other marauding ships (aka: big baby!). He was such a brave little fellow. He was honestly more cooperative than I thought was possible for a toad. (Maybe he was just pleading for his life). He even survived a giant waterfall (see top picture for details).

At the end of the day, Captain Toad did survive. At least, he didn't die WHILE we were playing with him. I'm not sure about after we left to go pick up the two older siblings.

And his willingness to play, allowed me to weed the full front flower bed (that still has yet to be planted).

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