Friday, November 11, 2011

Goat Yogurt. I did it!

It worked!!! I finally got it to work. I have tried making yogurt for Mr. Smiles for some time now and it always flops. He loved yogurt, milk, cheese before all the diagnosis of the milk allergy. It just didn't love him. At all.
But the yogurt I have tried making for him wouldn't set and is just at runny as milk. So this time, I ordered some starter from a goat milk supply company and then waited for time (and the courage to try it again).
Then, thanks to another website I found via Pinterest, an easy peasy recipe came along and I thought, "I can do that! "
All it took was my crockpot, timing and a heavy bathtowel.
I have bought goat milk yogurt before and tried using that as my starter. Every recipe says it should work. It hasn't. But the starter from Caprine Supply Company where I get all my cheese making supplies and goat milking supplies also carried a starter that could be used in goat's milk.

So, I mixed all the ingredients, followed the directions to the letter, covered it all with a heavy bathtowel and then waited.

The next morning? Yogurt!!! Real spoonable yogurt. It was a little liquidy on top just like when you first open a carton of yogurt, but then it thickened up in the refrigerator just like the store-bought-cow's-milk stuff.

Mr. Smiles was so excited that he then asked if I could make him blueberry yogurt: his favorite.

Yup! I yanked open our freezer, gleefully grabbed the berries we had picked last summer, and dumped a cup (or two) into the blender with a handful of flaxseed and honey and turned that baby on.
Viola!! blueberry (and may I say very healthy) goat's milk yogurt that Ben ate right down before I took him to school.

So, excited for him because it has been 3 long years without his beloved yogurt and now I can make it by the gallon!

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