Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Frog Legs Anyone? And other toddler lunches

OK. So lately my computer has been publishing my posts without my consent, so if you e-mail subscribers are wondering why you are getting pictures without words and then one with words, that is why.
Somewhat frustrating.
Now, onto WHY toddlers LIKE frog legs for lunch.
I joined Pinterest a few weeks ago and found some fun ideas (and a huge potential time waster spot, but let's focus on the good) for LOTS of Things.
I try not to Pin anything that I wouldn't try, but Ohhhhh it's so tempting.
It's kinda' like looking through the magazines that i browse through in our numerous Dr. visits, but without the pages...and I get to KEEP THEM!
I started babysitting another little sibling brother set 2 weeks before school started.
(My others moved on us...sniff! sniff!)
The two year old (older brother) is somewhat picky.
It's been a challenge to get him to eat much of anything except snack food...until I found some creative lunches via another mom who pinned them to Pinterest
Spinach wrap frog legs anyone?
They loved it!
Even little W who had eaten virtually NOTHING I put in front of him for the first 3 weeks, ate nearly all of it!
It is the same stuff I've been feeding the kids for forever, but with a twist of the creative.
I just used a biscuit cutter to cut the circles
Put between the two circles the normal cheese and meat and then added blueberries for eyes, bananas and carrot slices for the lily pads and a cookie for desert.
Good Lookin' looks discusted but is really just sleepy.
He ate 2.
Happy froglegs everyone!

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lauren said...

so cute! i KNOW--- pinterest is the best/worst thing ever!! :)