Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It Broke!!

My camera broke!!

I have a little hand held point and shoot, but takes good outdoor pictures Nikon that went dead yesterday.



I can't get a new one for several months! : (

I record EVERYTHING with this little piece of technology!


The Frugal Muse said...

I'm so sorry about your camera!!

Just wanted you to know that I have your Precious Jewel in my class at VBS this week and I have enjoyed her so much. She is awesome!


lauren said...

oh nooooo!!! have you looked on craigslist? or ebay? i know there are DIRT cheap point and shoots floating around. even friends sometimes havev something hanging around after upgrading... OR you could wait and savev and get the dslr i KNOW you are dreaming of. ;)my camera is avavilable for around $200 used i think. :)