Monday, October 11, 2010

Be Careful What You Wish For pt2

Several 0f you asked for an update on how the whole separate family trip and retreat went. Here's the highlights the best as I know it since I only went to the retreat and not on the trip.

My husband is amazing and that's all there is to it. He took all 4 of our young children on a 9 hour car trip to see my family, his in-laws, in Nebraska without me!

First of all, I don't know many guys who would take their 4 young kids on a 9 hour car trip to begin with without their wife.

Second, I don't know many guys who would go on a trip to see their in-laws for 4 days without their wife.

My dear husband did and made it in just 10 hours there and 10 hours back. I am amazed!!!

I am so blessed that both Luke and I truly love our in-laws. Most people consider their in-laws out-laws. Yes, we get frustrated at times, but it's usually because we're frustrated with something that we aren't accustomed too--not the people themselves.
The kids had a WONDERFUL time. They got to spend time with their cousins playing on hay bales and in the creek and even spend a morning doing what a lot of country kids do ---go mudding. Whoo! Whoo!! I'm told they were caked in mud from head to toe but, as any child who is allowed to enjoy nature to the fullest, had a marvelous time.

Poor Luke did not sleep much. I know how that goes from my trips alone without Luke. Our Nater Mater is not one for quiet sleeping. He is a thrasher. Not just a flailer, but a violent roll around the bed, smack into the sides of his crib several times a night thrasher. (another reason he's still in a crib: I don't want to keep picking him up off the floor during the night. Even with a bar, I think he'd still manage to fall out of his bed because he rolls literally ALL OVER his crib). I've slept on the floor with him before and he often ends up on the other side of the room and cold if not somehow contained.

But my husband texted several times saying that they were all having a great time.

Precious Jewel got to spend the night at her cousin's house at least once or twice I think. Dear Mr. Smiles and Good Lookin' went on and on about the secret passage way. (My old walk-in closet that led from my old bedroom into the sun room).

I know they rode their trikes and such in my old basement and spent a lot of hour outside.

All-in-all it was a great trip and I'm so thankful that my dear hubby went--even without me.

I spent Wednesday through Friday doing my normal babysitting while they were gone.

Thursday, I only had one 2-year-old for 12 hours. I was dreading that day. I don't know what to do with only one child anymore!! But, a close friend of mine invited me to go to the zoo with her and her 4 little ones. So we trekked off to the zoo with 5 children ages 4 and under and had a great day. Shhhh....don't tell my children I went to the zoo without them.

While there, we saw them feed the alligators--which all the kids loved. My friend and I even got a real nature education on elephant procreation. I had no idea that male elephants grow a 5th leg! I kid you not! The "thing" was that long!!! We nearly fell over laughing! I was kind of glad that at least my older 2 children weren't with me so I wouldn't have to explain what that "thing" was!

Friday, I babysat the whole day again and as soon as the boys were gone, I ran and jumped into the shower and headed out for the retreat.

I had a great time at the retreat. The first day was mostly stuff I knew, but desperately needed reminding of: GET INTO THE WORD EVERY DAY!!!!! DIG!!!! I KNOW this, and there are many days I do great. There are also MANY days I don't do so good and I'll go for several weeks without opening my Bible. Then something kicks my backside and I go back.

There were more "older" ladies than us young moms and I soooo learn from them. They have all raised Godly children (and not without difficulty). They are open and I feel comfortable asking questions without being judged. It's a gift for us moms with small children. I had fun just laughing and walking and talking and playing games together. In a word, I was glad I went. I needed the re-charge and I feel a lot more relaxed than I have in a very long time.

I also slept 5 nights in a row without being woken up!!!! Wow!!! That hasn't happened in some time!

So there you have it. We went our separate ways and it was not only OK; It was good. I don't want to make a regular practice of it, but I was glad that this time we chose to do what we did. Luke got intense time with the kids which he NEVER gets. I got time ALONE--which I never get.

Now I'm hopeing that during Spring Break they'll give him time off again, and we can ALL go together as a family.


Suzanne said...

So glad for the both of you. I saw a comment on FB about the elephant and now I can't remember who else it was that you went with that posted about it. :)

So glad you got some time to yourself!

Soaring High said...

Yeah, someone got rather offended about my inference to a 5 ft penis. I thought is was hilarious. It was an elephant for goodness sake!